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Automatic Linear Bottle Washing Machine - Tunnel Type

Automatic Linear Tunnel type Bottle Washing Machine

Brief on machine:

The Automatic Linear Tunnel Type Bottle Washing System consists of main structure, bottles holding pocket, in-feed tray & out-feed conveyor, wire mesh product transmission conveyor, washing nozzle, electrical panel, motor, pumps with tank, AC drives, PLC & HMI (OPTIONAL).

Salient Features of Linear Bottle Washing Machine

The unit is made compact and versatile as per GMP norms Machine structure made by MS cladded with SS 304 with argon welded
SS Tanks & trays made from SS 316 by argon welded with round corner SS pump made from SS 316 with mechanical seal Mono-block pump
SS filter housing made from SS 316 All Nozzles made from SS 316
Imported Gear Motor for main drive and conveyor In-feed wires mesh conveyor belt system
AC Variable drives for Main drive and conveyor Pumps with tank (60 Litre each) 2 Nos
Pumps are provided in the machine, which gives a full pressure to wash bottles properly Low RPM & Maximum output
No Change parts are required to wash 30ml to 200ml (If neck diameter is same) All Parts coming in contact with washing zones/jet are made from SS316
Special Pocket system ensures easy and trouble free washing of bottles for outer & inner side Water recycling arrangement is possible as per client's requirement
Indexing motion makes easier for syringes to move inside bottles, when it is in stationery motion A special clutch device is available for stoppage of the machine in the event, vials/bottle is overturned or over diameter
The Machine equipped with safety devices to ensure smooth and silent operation with high rated output Machine also equipped with external washing of bottles
Machine provided with PLC & HMI (OPTIONAL) as per customer requirement

Technical Specification

Bottle Size 10 ml to 500ml (with the help of change parts)
Output Speed 3000 to 6000 Bottles/Hour
No. of Pockets 10
Working Height 850 ± 50mm Adjustable
Electrical | Main Motor 1HP / 415 V AC / 50 Hz

Power Supply
Pump 2 Nos. 1HP x 3 = 3HP / 415 V AC / 50 Hz
Electric Heater 3 KW
Conveyor 0.5HP / 415 V AC / 50 Hz
Tank Capacity SS 316 60 Liter
Wash Cycle 8 Inner + 3 Outer
Cycle Time 3.5 Second for each wash + 1.5 Second for travelling
Water Consumption 400 Liters / Hour / Cycle
Air Consumption 2.5 Kg/cm² / 20 CFM
Net Weight 1400 kg Approx.
Dimensions (LXWXH) 1150 mm (L) x 2500 mm (W) x 1550 mm (H) Approx.
Change Parts Bottle Holding Pocket
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