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Automatic Linear Vial Washing Machine

Automatic Linear Vial Washing Machine

Brief on Machine:

The Automatic Linear Vial Washing System consists of main structure, covered with SS cabinet safety acrylic doors (OPTIONAL), in-feed turntable, washingnozzles, out-feed conveyor, pumps with tank, filter housing & cartridge, pneumatic components, motors & gear box, and electrical panel,AC Drive, PLC & HMI (OPTIONAL).

Features of Automatic Linear Vial Washing Machine

The unit is made compact & versatile as per GMP norms. The structure is made of SS 304.
The contact parts are made of Stainless steel 316L. Rigid vibration free construction for trouble free performance.
The washing section if totally covered with acrylic cabinet which is easy to clean. Absolutely simple machine to operate.
All exposed parts are of SS 304 or hard chrome plated or brass for a corrosion free long life. The six sets of nozzles enter into the vials mouth during the washing operation ensuring penetration of washing Medias to the core a perfect washing principle.
Fixed top nozzles each washing station ensures external washing of vials at the same time of internal washing. The flow of washing Medias stop during the indexing of chain, saving straight 25% on utilities.
The system of solenoid valves and optional tanks, pumps and filters are engineered for long trouble free life & fool proof operation. Four inner wash (Included one air wash , two inner wash with recycled tray) & one outer wash

Technical Specification

Model HMPL - LVW
Vial Size 2 ml to 30 ml Round Glass Vials
Output Speed 60 to 120 Vials/Minute (Speed depend on product size)
Working Height 860 ± 50MM Adjustable
Power Consuption 1.5HP Main Machine/ 2.25HP Pumping Station/ 0.25HP Loading Platform)
Power Supply 3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing / 415 V AC / 50Hz
Air Consumption 5 CFM
Air Supply 4 to 6 Kg/Cm2
Net Weight 600 Kg Approx.
Dimensions (L x H x W) 3265mm (L) x 1835 mm (W) x 850mm (H) Approx.
Wash Cycle 7 Wash
Change Parts In-feed Screw, In-feed Inverter, In-feed Start Wheel
Out-feed Screw, Out-feed Inverter, Out-feed Star Wheel
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