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Automatic Measuring Cup Placing Machine

Automatic Measuring Cup Placing Machine

Brief On Machine

The Automatic Measuring Cup Placing System consists of main structure, product transmission belt with adjustable guide, Bowl for cups, cup deliver chute, pressing head with dancing roller, product's height adjustment screw, safety acrylic cover (OPTIONAL), electrical panel, motor & AC drive.

Salient Features of Measuring Cup Placing Machine

Rigid, vibration free construction for trouble free operation and the performance. A pair of bottles holding belts holds and centres the Bottles in a perfect position both for the cup pickup and pressing operation.
Change parts not required for changeover of Bottles. Belt can move to accommodate Bottles from 40mm to 65mm.
Height adjustment for Cup Pick up for different heights of Bottles or precise pick up is absolutely made simple through a jack. Cup feeding is controlled through a Varia.
Totally synchronized pressing Rollers for perfect tight fit cup pressing and easily adjustable devices for different height of bottles. The change parts will be required only for changeover of different shapes of cup & sizes, whereas for bottles diameter & height only simple adjustments are required, which makes this unit versatile.
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