Filling Machinery

Semi Automatic Vacuum Filling Machine

Semi Automatic Vacuum Filling Machine

Salient Features of Vacuum Filler Machine

The unit is made compact & versatile as per GMP norms. The contact parts are made of SS 316L such as Nozzles.
Rigid vibration free construction for trouble free performance. No power supply is required.
The unit is controlled by compressed air which suits the requirement of flame proof condition. High fill Accuracy of ± 2.0ML.
The returned material is re-circulated for filling. No spilage& loss of material. No change parts required for different filling volumes / bottles.
Filling system is useful for High forming & low viscosity material. User friendly and high scalability.
Adjustable platform to meet different height of products.

Technical Specification

Model HMPL – SVF – 4
Bottle Size (Ø) 15mm Ø to 70mm Ø
Output speed 30 to 40 BPM
Filling Volume 10 ml to 200 ml
Suitable for Below 200 ml
Filling Head 4 Heads
Bottle Neck Diameter 6 mm ID to 24 mm OD
Working Height 6mm ID to 24mm OD
Air Consumption 5 CFM
Air Supply 3 to 4 Kg/cm²
Net Weight 20 kgs
Dimension 635mm (L)x 510mm (W)x 1400mm(H) Approx.
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